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Monday, June 23, 2014

Bachelorette Party Booty Veil

Bridal Veil Clip for your swimsuit! So adorable.... Click here for the various options from Kay James Boutique.

Bling Wedding Garter Set
Click here for more bling wedding items from Vio Gemini.

Personalized Ring Box

What an adorable rustic jewelry box. It comes in several colors. Check these out online at A Stylish Design.

Personalized Wedding Band Set

Click here to see beautiful handmade sterling silver wedding band sets from Celtic Eternity.

The "Recycled" Wedding... for A Budget Bride

Friday, June 13, 2014

Is the Money Adding Up??? A beautiful wedding gown alone could cost you thousands of dollars...if you don't know the right place to shop. Most brides are like new moms... they don't want anything used, but in actuality a "used" wedding, can allow you to get more of what you want in the price point you can afford. So let's get started on our journey to a more thrifty wedding....

Where can I shop "recycled" for wedding items?
Ok... I said recycled, but we both know that is just a nice way of saying used! I didn't have used items at my wedding because there was still such a lack of websites available, but I can't count the number of times I have reused vases, floating candles and more for my budget brides.

 If you haven't been on you are really missing out on a great experience. You can buy or sell. So this is a perfect place for you to go when you are first looking and don't forget to return when you are all done with your items. You will see wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, accessories, items for the groom and more. Click here to log on to

Much like, PreOwned Wedding is a great, well recognized shop for brides that need a gown or want to sell a gown. I know a tremendous amount of brides that have found great success using this website. Click here to check it out.

This shop is like an online thrift store. Much like pinterest the listings are shown as they are posted and there is no way to search for anything in particular. It can work for people who have the time to look.

1. Only make purchases from trusted resources.

2. If it is not a trusted resource try to purchase through local websites such as craigslist. Meet the seller in person with your groom or another friend. Never meet someone that is selling something alone. 

3. Go to thrift stores... you will never believe the things that you can find there.

4. See what your friends and your friends' friends have that you can borrow.

5. Go to venues and ask them for leftovers. Crazy idea...but think about all the things that are left at venues after events because someone doesn't want to pick it up. I have left beautiful vases at venues before because it was too far for me to travel back to after they were delivered. 

6. If you buy recycled linens or napkins you need to look at the them - every single one before you buy! Linens should be washed using a specific machine and do not fair well in a regular washing machine. 

7. Don't buy used items in large quantities unless it is from a trusted source. Recommendation, buy one to verify quality and then purchase the rest.

Keeping spice in your engagement

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

So getting engaged was pretty cool right, but think about how much cooler it would be if you chose to spice up the date night situation... It is guaranteed that once you get married and have kids date nights slow down to "maybe next month or the month after that"... It is proven ladies so why not spice things up while you have the time so that you can continue working on it through your marriage instead of trying to rejuvenate date nights when you have an overwhelming list of responsibilities?

So I surfed the internet for some ideas and these were my favs....

Date In A Box...

The Date Night Jar is so adorable. Make it however you like and the two of you can make the sticks or make it fun and incorporate this into your bridal shower for great ideas from friends and family.
 MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE IDEA FOUND CAME FROM THE THINKING CLOSET. Below is a tutorial for you to create your own date night min books.

 Supplies you will need....

  • 2 sheets of white cardstock
  • assorted divider pages (scrapbook paper, magazine paper, photos, book pages…you can really use whatever suits your fancy!)
  • pen
  • scissors
  • hole punch (some of these are affiliate links)
  • binder ring, twine or ribbon
  • Click here for the free printable download from the thinking closet
Step 1: Print the download. Click here.

Step 2: Cut out all the date night squares and punch holes in the corners where shown.

Step 3: Sit with your groom to be (or you can do it yourself) and think of some cool "off-the-wall" or "we haven't done it yet" date night ideas. Write one in each square.

Step 4 (optional): Add cool backings to make it more memorable.

Step 5: LIVE BY IT!!!! 
Dating after you are married and have kids is hard work. So start the process now so that it will be easier to remember to connect with one another long after the kids are getting on your nerves!

Advice For the Grooms

Tuesday, June 10, 2014
Okay guys.... we know, we know.... You don't really want to be involved in the wedding planning process. I mean really you gave her a ring so why is she constantly whining about you not helping? Might I say that it is because she really does need the help??

So to make things easier for you, in my book Power Plays for Brides, I recently told brides how to keep you engaged through the wedding process. Lucky for you, I let her know some tips to keep you first but to gently ask for help and to help you understand in clear, distinct terms what she needs. But what happens when your blushing bride fails to read the book and gives you a list of unlimited and unwarranted demands that you have no idea how to complete? Easy - start with the tasks you know how to do and wow her with that!

So what are the typical tasks that you would be expected to implement?

1. Hire a Professional (did you hear me say professional?) DJ....
One of the easiest things to do, but men often drag their feet on this one. You can book your dj as far out as you would like, but I recommend locking someone in at least 4 months before your wedding. 

What do you need to know to hire the right DJ?
- Price
- What type of equipment does he offer / included in the packages?
- How much is overtime....sometimes the party just doesn't want to end so be prepared!
- How much time does he need to unload / setup before the wedding?
- How much time does he need to breakdown and load his vehicle after the wedding?
- Does he require a song list or does he provide that to you

When looking at a DJ you will want to go to a few of his/her events if you are not familiar with the work. A DJ can either make or break your party be sure that you have the person you want before you sign on the dotted line!

2. Manage all men's attire; with your bride of course.
I have a little secret for you that most men may not want to hear... Your bride wants your input and this is a key area for you to provide just that. A bride wants to be able to give you the colors and possibly a little more guidance, but she wants you to go and get the tuxedos. Sure she may tag along for the ride...I mean, what bride wouldn't? She has seen how you dress on a common day and most of you need a little bit of help daily so just let her tag along and think she is helping you....

Photo Credit: Junebug Weddings
Choosing the look for you and your bridal party on your big day is as important as the bride's gown. Treat it as such. What you select will be in wedding pictures for years to come. You don't have to choose a stuffy look but choose something that closely fits the aesthetic your bride is trying to achieve.

3. Don't be afraid to slow down.... 
Clearly your bride to be is an energizer bunny now that she is planning the wedding. There will be some times when she is so over the moon about the wedding that she will absolutely forget that you exist. That's not cool. At those times, just slow her down. Sometimes all it takes in the midst of the tug and pull of the wedding planning process is an unexpected date that reminds the two of you why you fell in love in the first place.

Wedding Inspiration Boards: The Blush Pink Affair

Thursday, June 5, 2014

One of my favorite colors in the world is PINK!!! I can't get enough of pink weddings, so I researched to find a few of my favorites to share the wedding inspiration with you. These pictures are from different places across the internet so I have offered photo credits to the websites in which they were posted. 

This wedding just had to be phenomenal...imagine all of the details that went into making this bride's day special. I love the color scheme - gray pink and white. So let's get started with some of my preferred looks for a pink wedding.....

I love blush pink because you can do a lot with and it has more of a natural look that combines well with any venue or outdoor space that has bold or rich colors as a backdrop. In almost every pink wedding I saw online I saw the pink macaroons, I saw the mixture of white, blush pink and hints of gold. Here are a few images to wet your palette!
I love these glitter fold escort cards. These would be a great DIY project for someone who has the time and loves sparkle. I could see this being implemented as a menu card as well!
Photo Credit: Unknown

I love the color palette and I absolutely think the drapes covered in fabric with the ring of white roses with the hint of pink is breathtaking!

  My favorite Color Palettes

ABCs of Wedding Planning

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

  • Always ask for help
  • Be proactive
  • Cluster all of your vendor interviews per category and conduct them per category per day.
  • Don't try to do everything by yourself
  • Expect the unexpected and plan backups for the potential unexpected
  • Exercise to get stress relief breaks when needed.
  • Fear nothing...go for what you want as long as it is in your budget.
  • Give clear instructions and feedback to those who are helping you.
  • Have a clear vision in mind for your day and stick to it. 
  • Inspiration can be found everywhere - don't just look at wedding inspired magazines and blogs.
  • Just have fun.
  • Keep time in your calendar for yourself.
  • Love the process by delegating projects, collaborating with an event support team and dreaming in your budget.
  • Make a final decision on one vendor category per week
  • Never speak down to anyone that is volunteering their time to assist you on your big day - their time, energy and resources are just as valuable as yours.
  • Over communicate your needs to your vendors 
  • Pay your vendors on time.
  • Quiet time is so important when you are getting stressed out. Put money in your budget for at least two trips to the spa for quiet time.
  • Rest often.
  • Still have date nights with your groom. Plan a special date night to just focus on your marriage to the guy you are so excited to marry.
  • Talk to other brides you know about their experiences so that you can avoid some of their pitfalls.
  • Understand the importance of an event planner as this industry leader can help with discounts, eliminates common pitfalls and just has an expertise that you and your friends don't have.
  • Venue walk throughs are critical to the process. If you don't know how to effectively troubleshoot a venue, hire a planner to help you. 
  • A Week before the wedding everything should be done!
  • Make your event exquisite.
  • Yelling, screaming and scratching is not permitted...well, unless it is your wedding night:)
  • Zip it! Don't share your vision with anyone that is not helping you plan the wedding. In today's age of social media brides are sharing way too much and thus there is no element of surprise at weddings anymore. Don't tell anyone what your gown looks like, what the bridesmaids are wearing or even give them details about the decor... This is your special secret!

Etsy Finds of the Week!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Each week I try to find great deals on for my subscribers. I am excited to share this week's finding with you.

I couldn't pass up on this Honeymoon Fund Sticker! What a cute idea. You can place the vinyl sticker on any container you like but it prevents you from overspending and reminds you that you need to save!
Click here to see more from Sweet NC Collective.

Featured Store for the week: The DIY Store

The store, owned by Mette Morgan, offers clients the cutest tags, some invitations and more. Click here to see some of her DIY printable products for your engagement party, save the dates, bridal shower and even your wedding! Below are three of her pieces that really speak to her work. And the best part is everything is printable so it is inexpensive!

Decorate Your Own Wedding Card Box for a small price! Wedding Card boxes are an easy area of cost savings for your big day. You can choose to use fabric, paper or even stamps to make this box something wedding worthy! For ideas on how you can make your own wedding card box, click here to see some examples.

Click here to access Lacey Claire Designs to purchase this box for only $12.99

I love this DIY Printable Personalized Envelope Wrap. Very unique and different and starting only at $8.00!

Click here for more from Atomica Press.

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